Modular Construction Can Prevent Project Disruptions

The NYE article explains how modular construction is able to overcome the challenges of traditional construction, allowing project owners to reduce the completion time by up to half.

According to McKinsey & Company a business consulting company, modular construction prevents disruptions in projects Articles. The Construction Industry is the largest industry on the planet, representing 14% of global GDP. Despite this, construction projects are still plagued by disruptions. These disruptions can be caused by a variety of external factors such as extreme weather conditions, geopolitical issues affecting material costs, COVID-19 pandemics and other emergency situations.

Modular construction plays an important role during these disruptions. It brings the benefits of a production or manufacturing industry to building project. Modular construction is the process of constructing individual building modules in a controlled and isolated manufacturing plant and assembling them together on site. The biggest difference between modular construction and traditional construction is the ability to save 50% on the total time needed. Modular construction can also increase quality while reducing wastage, improve budgeting and design versatility and improve personnel safety.