The Growing Popularity Of Managed Dedicated servers

Since the advent of the Internet, the dedicated server has been the most popular option for web hosting IT Service. When it came to two types of managed and unmanaged servers that you could buy or rent, the market seemed to be equally divided. Guest Posting managed servers are taking over now, as consumers begin to realize the many benefits that this type of hosting offers.

Dedicated servers only host the websites or accounts of a single person or company. It allows the owner of a dedicated server or the renter to access the entire server’s resources, including bandwidth, storage, and all other aspects. Having so many resources available allows the owner of a business to do anything they like with their server. They could build a site as big as needed, and receive thousands of visitors per day without having to worry about it crashing. Even though dedicated servers appeared to be the solution to all business owners’ needs, they came with their set of problems.

The owner of the company is responsible for the server and the storage space in the office can be a challenge. The business owner would have to hire a person with the technical skills to run a complex server. A whole IT team is needed to maintain servers with lots of data and/or extensive maintenance. That can get expensive. For business owners who wanted to enjoy the benefits dedicated hosting, but not neglect their businesses because they needed to take care of them, web hosts introduced managed dedicated hosting. Managed dedicated servers are usually provided by the same host who sold you your dedicated server. Managed hosting packages include maintenance on the server such as security patches, upgrades and constant monitoring.

When it came to the choice between managed web hosting and unmanaged, consumers were divided. Some decided to hire their server management team in-house, while others used the convenient all-in package offered by their host. The trend is changing, as more companies are opting for managed dedicated servers. Tier 1 Research’s survey shows that about a third more consumers want managed dedicated server now than they did in the past. It is due to a number of emerging trends, including the growing popularity of virtual computers, the expansion of outsourcing and the focus on continuous availability. These trends will continue to grow and the demand for managed dedicated servers.