This is the Art of Efficient Cleaning. Tips and Techniques to a Sparkling home

Cleaning and organizing your home not only makes it look good, but is also important for maintaining a healthy environment. However, house cleaning can seem overwhelming if it is not handled correctly. The art of house cleaning is a complex one. In this article we’ll provide you with some tips to make your home sparkle without the hassle.

Create an Cleaning Schedule
Setting up a house cleaning schedule can be a key aspect of cleaning efficiently. Partition your tasks by daily, monthly, and weekly categories. The chores will not pile up, and you can maintain an always-clean environment. While weekly tasks may include dusting the home, vacuuming and laundering, daily tasks could be making your bed and doing dishes. One month’s tasks may include cleaning deep-cleaning tasks such as washing windows and cleaning the refrigerator.

Declutter First
Declutter your room before starting to clean. Put away any items which don’t belong on the surface. Cleaning will be easier and your home will look better. For items, designate specific storage space to reduce clutter.

Collect Your Supplies
Stocking up on the essentials can make your cleaning much easier. Stock up your cleaning supplies, including all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners microfiber cloths a broom and a vacuum. It is easier to stay on task if you have all the supplies you need.

Top-to-bottom Work
If you’re cleaning, start at the top and work your way down. To begin dusting, start with higher surfaces. For example, shelves and ceiling fan blades. So, as you progress down the stairs, all dust and debris falling will be collected. To ensure that you have all the debris collected, finish by cleaning the floors.

Use Efficient Cleaning Techniques
When you use efficient cleaning methods, it can help save both time as well as effort. If you want to clean surfaces effectively, then use microfiber. This cloth will catch dust and grime without spreading the dirt around. A squeegee is the best tool to use for window cleaning. Use a dampened cloth for baseboards. When vacuuming, try using the “S’ motion to cover more carpet.

Delegate and involve the family
You don’t have be the only one to clean your house. Other family members can be involved by delegating tasks. You can assign age-appropriate cleaning tasks to your children. The task will be lighter, and everyone feels more responsible.

Create a Timer
You can prevent the cleaning of your home from taking over all of your time by setting a separate timer. You’ll be encouraged to focus and do your work quickly by this time restriction. After the timer has gone off, it’s best to move on with the task at hand, even if you are not finished. As you practice each task, you’ll get faster.